Are you interested in adopting a new feline family member? Please check out profiles of some of our adoptable cats or stop by Emerald City Kitty Harbor in West Seattle to fill out an adoption survey and meet that cats who are there!

**Please note that this process is specific to Emerald City Kitty Harbor kitties. Click the button below to view the adoption process for Emerald City Pet Rescue's adoptable dogs and critters.

Kitty Harbor Adoption Process

Learn About Our Adoption Process For Dogs and Critters

1. The first step on the road to adopting an Emerald City Kitty Harbor cat or kitten is to stop by Kitty Harbor in West Seattle, fill out an adoption survey, and meet the kitties who are there! Please bring all human members of your household with you and allow at least one hour for the meet-and-greet process.


** Please also bring with you everything listed on the Adoption Checklist Post-It on your right!

2. Met the perfect kitty for your household? Fill out our Adoption Contract!

3. Once we process your contract, we will call to schedule a Home Check and we will bring your new pet to you! Our kitties come home to you fully vetted and vaccinated along with 3 days of food, a toy, a collar, and medical records.

 Enjoy your new feline family member!


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 Enjoy your new feline family member!